Swansea BID

Committed to change

Since our inception and introduction to Swansea, we’ve helped transform the city centre through continued growth, marketing and management. We celebrate the city’s strengths, successes and appeal. We recognise the city’s uniqueness and help plug gaps through vital collaboration with BID businesses, delivering projects with oomph and energy throughout the city centre.


We represent, and champion business needs in local matters such as council service delivery and infrastructure and the areas exciting redevelopment/regeneration led by our key strategic partners, The City & County of Swansea.



The visitor experience is an increasingly important element to the success of city centres. Swansea BID works with partners to enhance the BID area’s overall appearance improving the customer welcome and ensuring Swansea city centre remains safe and welcoming.

to Swansea BID

Since we were founded in 2006, we have invested more than £6 million in the BID area. As the first BID in Wales, we are proud to have been a trailblazer for subsequent BIDs, leading the way on investment, ideas and results. Being in operation for circa thirteen years we have delivered a huge amount of projects, schemes and services that have made a difference and continue to do so day in day out.

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